Pros and Cons of Buying Games from SEN Online Store

Sony Entertainment Network has been online since 2006, and it used to be known as PlayStation Network. It enables PS users to buy digital content directly from the publisher, instead of buying physical copies of games, movies or apps. SEN has existed for a long time and it has been expanding its offer from PS3 to newer models which appeared in the meantime. Many users have switched to online purchase of games and other PS content, and there are several options of purchase which suit everyone’s needs. You can link credit or debit card to your SEN account, or use specialized SEN Cards to purchase content from the online store. Whatever you find easier, there are certainly many benefits and some drawbacks of this method of purchase.

SEN OnlineIf you decide to create a SEN account and buy digital copies of games and other PS content, the first advantage you will notice is availability of the content. As soon as the game appears, you will be able to buy it online, without having to wait for the hard copy to appear at retailer stores. Whatever you buy stays in your online library, and you have instant access to all the content you have purchased so far. Another advantage is that you can access the library when using remote play as well, and you can connect to your account from any PS device and use whatever you have purchased.

newonlinestoreSEN store often offers sales, discounts and special offers, which is not so common when it comes to hard copies. If you create a SEN account, you will be able to buy and download digital content and use these advantages for future purchases. In some regions, tax-free purchase is possible, which makes it even more affordable to buy the digital content from the SEN store. SEN Voucher Codes are available for the online accounts, which is another financial advantage of downloading digital content from the online store. You can obtain these Voucher Codes in a variety of ways, and you can redeem them on websites such as and use them to buy a desired game or app from the SEN store. Lastly, digital PS games and other content do not take physical space, unlike CDs.

SEN libraryWhen it comes to disadvantages, some people would call the lack of physical copy a drawback of digital SEN library. If you buy a hard copy of a game, you can own it, lend it or sell it later. When you buy a digital version, none of this is possible. The game is tied to your SEN account, so you cannot sell it or lend it to anyone. In case the SEN network is down, you will not be able to play the games from your library. This does not happen very often, but it happened several times. Lastly, in case your account gets hacked, you can lose all your purchases and be left without the games you collected for a long time.

As you can see, buying digital versions of PS games and other content has both the good and the bad sides. It is up to you to decide and choose whether your library will be tangible or virtual.

Firewatch on PS4

Firewatch gets us into the skin of Henry, a man who seeks escape from the terrible reality around him and decides to accept a job as a forest ranger in the Shoshone National Forest in the summer of 1989, a year after the terrible fire that ravaged Yellowstone. Your task will be to monitor the natural environment in which he will spend three months aware of possible fires with a walkie talkie and unique bond with another human being, Delilah, his supervisor.

001Campo Santo gets ready to take a prominent niche in the independent game development scene. A former Telltale as Sean Vanaman making functions co-founder of the study comes a long-desired proposal, with a careful history to the smallest and focused almost exclusively on the narrative detail. We could frame Firewatch within that genre so fashionable in recent months in which the exploration of the environment is all that it offers in terms of gameplay, but it would be unfair to the great script of Vanaman own focus solely on that aspect. The dialogues between the protagonists are the backbone of the entire narrative and the most important part of a title that has some technical problems that end up subtracting some points in his final note, at least in the version for PlayStation 4.


Although it may at this point may have more information about the online psn code generator and plot of Firewatch, we consider it essential to get to the game without too much information. The story and script are the strengths of a proposal that settles all their gaming experience in dialogue and exploration, so go into more detail can take the matter grace and subtracting points. There is something mysterious, almost absolute solitude and a relationship between two characters.


Firewatch allows us to choose between different options box when we chatted with Delilah, a matter that shapes the kind of relationship between them. The script features two lonely characters separated by kilometers, with a fortuitous event which gives rise to all the plot and keeps us glued to the screen and control for five or six hours, the total duration of the game. The whole time we will just go from one point to another, fulfilling the tasks that we ask Delilah and unravel the mystery in which both players are immersed almost from minute one. Firewatch drag some technical problems in the version for PS4, but offers a narrative experience as immersive as their own dialogues, beautifully written and well interpreted story. Firewatch seems to be great game for this sunny spring days!

Tips For Improving Your Photography

Photography is an art! If you just started your career on Instagram then you should be aware of this fact, whatever your niche or business may be. It doesn’t matter if you’re working in a store or you are a dancer, if you can make extraordinary photos you will be successful on Instagram and then create your self a brand. Therefore we collected few very important tips that will help you to improve your photography and get Instagram free followers.

First tip that we can share with you is true that making a good photo really requires some detailed planning ahead. It is not that extraordinary photos are products of chances or mistakes, they are developed very carefully in advance. If you are serious about Instagram, try to educate yourself with basic theory of photography, learn from educational videos or simply read the book. They are many important details that creates great photos like proper exposure, lighting, white balance or composition. It is not that famous photographers were born with understanding of all those things, they learned them same as you can do. So, invest some of your time and energy in proper understanding of photography. Another important issue is that to get really good image you must to take a lot of bad ones. It is not that perfect photo is made just with one simple click. Real experts in photography are making hundreds and hundreds of photos just to get one perfect shot. That is true.

You should take at least 10 shots of any subject that you want to present on Instagram, and choose the best one in post-production. The best structures are those made with soft shadows usually on sunrise or sunset. Avoid taking images under direct sunlight at noon, shadows will be sharp and strong, quite opposite from soft and tender shadows that we need on our images. You should also invest time and energy in learning basic of photo manipulation. You can use Photoshop as industry-standard or you can use some free software like Gimp to edit your photos. If you understand the basic workflow you can make wonders, and sometimes save even completely wrong composition by proper cropping, filtering or applying specific effect. To become really fluent in photo editing and manipulation you need a lot of practice, but after some time you will see that you can completely control your images.


That will give you ultimate freedom to be creative and at the same time to present technically perfect photos on Instagram. At the end of this short tutorial we want to pay attention to very important aspect of successful branding on Instagram and we are talking about Hashtags. They are extremely important and extremely effective. You should understand how they affect your visibility on Instagram and the best possible way is to be very specific and very precise. After you create your perfect photo and placed creative hashtag it is time to connect with community. If you get comments, and you will get them, don’t be lazy answer to each of them.

Instagram is one of the best place to promote your product or brand. If you can create astonishing photos, you will surely draw attention and make your appearance a success. Follow our short guidelines presented in this tutorial and you will be surprised with quality of your photos and number of followers on Instagram.

Puzzle & Dragons Z 3ds Review

Puzzle & Dragons Z is totally charming game available for Nintendo 3ds, easily available via,  that brings interesting mix of puzzles and intriguing RPG framework in original setting that will give you hours and hours of fun. This game is very cute, gorgeous graphics and bright colors will charm you and awake inner child within you.

You can find this game on Google Play, actually that this one of the most downloaded game nowadays. If we are going to speak strictly technically this game is combination of three games, in one hand that looks like Bejeweled with a twist, quick thinking and additional puzzle sphere. Just a note, this 3DS title is not different from a mobile version; even it is maintained by Nintendo. Basically, you will spend most of your times in solving different puzzles. They take place on the colorful six-by-five board filled with different elements like orbs and each time you need to move just one single element. You will need to understand rather complex strategies, how to manipulate the orbs, how to shift additional pieces etc.

If you are successful you will start multiple combos. The game balances between strategically planning and quick decisions, that brings interesting atmosphere in the game. There is another very interesting aspect of the game, and that is Pokémon like monster-capturing feature. Instead of just matching your orbs, you will need to engage in RPG-like dungeons fighting different groups of enemies until you defeat the boss of the stage. Puzzle & Dragons brings huge variety of monsters and orbs. They are divided according to five elements namely fire, water, wood, light and dark. There are almost endless combinations of monsters and orbs that you will find within dungeons. More than that you will collect different items that can boost your specific statistics. This NDS version of the game is much different from iOS/Android version, most of all you will get almost 10 times more collectible monsters in this version, that this price worthy.

If you like puzzle games Puzzle & Dragons will allow you to play against computer where you can add your friends as a member of your team. You can also trade monsters with other 3DS owners which brings whole new dimension into the game. The variety of monsters and characters are unique to Nintendo franchise and frankly it is the best feature of these game. At the beginning of the game you will get the baby Dragon that will become a real terror from the sky later in the game. Fight this combination of one sided puzzle and basil, whoever match orbs gets bonuses or upgrades other RPG elements. For example, you can cast spells; protect yourself or your teammate. You will also find that in Puzzle Quest some of problems are extremely difficult that can bring certain level of frustration in the game.Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros offers a lot of content for casual player. It will satisfy taste of adventure seekers and puzzle solvers bringing unique mixture of genres never before seen on Nintendo 3ds.

Healers in Clash of Clans

Most of the guides in Clash of Clans are about offensive units such as barbarians, arches or golems. This time we will discuss a little bit about Healers in Clash of Clans that may be extremely useful in your tactics. They live protect other units and healers may create great difference in the game.whenewer you are playing Clash of clans, on PC, on amart phone or even on Mac, clash of clans triche mac, you will definetelly need to improve your strategy by using healers.

Healers are in fact flying units and it is the only unit in the game without any attacking skill. That means that healer cannot do any damage. She can help and heal and he ground troop, buildings and Clan Castle units.She has an aura that will heal the closest troop. If a ground units is damaged by some defense structure, healer will fly and start healing wounded unit. Healers cannot heal flying units and that includes Dragons, Balloons and other Healers. That is different from healing spell that can heal both ground and air units. Healers can heal other units that are donated to your Clan Castle.
As a essential supporting unit, healer is very important in various strategies. Make sure that your healer is far away from any air defense, otherwise it will not last for long.

Good strategy is to send Wall Breakers to break any walls that are surrounding air defense and after that send several Giants to destroy it. After the Giants you can deploy other troops and send healer with them. Giants will take damage, your troops will start to destroy buildings and defensive structures while your healers will heal them over the time. This combination is very good because healers can heal a lot of health and Giants will able to last longer. Also remember that you can heal your healer with the healing spell. That is very handy in situations when your healers are damaged by air defense structures. In the case that you got a healer asClan Castle reinforcement,she will also heal damaged buildings and other troops within a Castle. You can have the maximum of 17 healers and if you include additional to you can have the maximum number of 19 healers. This is theoretical example, having so much healers real results in almost no offensive capabilities of your Army.

Healers are great units in Clash of Clans that may help you to achieve victories in many battles. The usage of healers will depend upon your own strategy and troops that you prefer.

Citizens of Earth Review

Welcome to the Citizens of Earth, a game that puts you in shoes of Vice President of the entire Earth. Citizens of Earth is a must buy for any fan of RPGs. It is a game that will make you smile! Make your life easier with free psn code generator, grab a game and let’s fun begin.

Whole game, from the world design to the battle animation is picked up straight from the ‘90s cult classic games. Turn-based combat system requires cautious, strategic choices that will give many hours of fun for nostalgic RPG fans. There are tons of characters in a game and each of them requires a short quest to convince them to join your party. Each recruit has special skills. For example, delivery man allows you to order items from anywhere, mascot can change the difficulty level on the fly and the homeless man can dig in various places. Followers don’t have typical fantasy RPG class types either; each attack or special move is a interesting twist on genre standards. This is a pleasant game about the newly elected Vice President of Earth fighting against the evil, on the streets and underground lairs of Crystal City.

The game employs a slow and steady turn based combat system very similar to Final Fantasy games. Characters use specific attacks to build up energy, and then to perform other more powerful abilities. It is very basic system filled with interesting powers and huge selection of playable characters. High production values coupled with a surprisingly deep combat system will make genre fans joyful. You will visit cities and towns, search forests and beaches, talk to the numerous individuals while searching for new characters to add to your team. Earned experience is character bound, which mean it is not shared with another characters. If you decide to switch a character you will need to grind for additional XP boost or send a character to school. where you can pay for classes to level them up.

Enemies d appear on the map randomly, but you can decide to avoid them or fight. The quests are most of the time very fun and whole game will give you around 40 hour of total playtime. Most of the game’s enjoyment comes from the battles or the funny dialogue implemented in the game.

Citizens of Earth surely succeed in reviving ingenuity of 1990s RPGs in playful style. It as a perfect of blend of old-school RPG and contemporary satire and builds a fun story with a memorable cast of characters.

Goblins – the perfect thieves

The Goblins are perfect thieves in Clash of Clans completely designed for farming, so if you are about farming it is important to understand few tips and tricks to maximize the power of your Goblins.

Goblins are great units! Yeap! Goblins are great units. They are very fast, they deal high damage, their preferred target is resources. They deal double damage to Elixir Collectors, Dark Elixir Storages and Gold Mines. The summary is that Goblins are perfect units for farming! If you found that this farming is not enough, or not fast enough, you may always try some clash of clans hack – cheats available on a net.

The Goblin is the only unit in Clash of Clans which explicitly targets enemy’s resources and they will go for the closest collector, mine or storage structure and destroy them. In the early stages of the game Goblins are very weak. After few upgrades they gain significant strength and huge boost when upgraded from level 4 to 5 and from 5 to 6.

There are two types of farming that you can use the Goblin for .You an farm Elixir and Gold or farm storages. The easiest way to use the Goblin is to farm Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors, and Dark Elixir. When you find a suitable base, just drop about 5-10 Goblins on each Elixir Collector, Gold Mine and Drill. Just collect your loot and move on to the next battle.As we said the main issue is that Goblins do not have much health and may be easily killed by enemy Defensive structures like Mortars or Wizard Towers. To prevent that, use a distracting unit. You can also use Wall Breakers to take down walls to help the Goblins get access to the resources.

Goblins can take down a walls if they are supported by a Healing Spell because they have very high damage output. At the same time, Goblins are defenseless against Wizard Tower or Mortars.When you reach of the Dark Elixir Storage your Goblins will target the walls. Once the wall is unprotected use a Rage Spell and Healing Spell upon your Goblins. The Healing Spell and Rage Spell are Goblins best friends.

From other side, Goblins do not make a perfect Clan Castle unit, so the best practice is to keep your Goblins far away from your Clan Castle. Also do not donate your Goblins to your Clan Members!

Successful Crossing in FIFA 15

In FIFA 15 crossing is much harder than it was in previous versions of the game. In new version of the game, specifically with a good attacker, you will be able to score much more from crossing than ever before.


Basically you have three options how to cross in FIFA 15. Options are near post, far post and high-low post. There are specific situations when you must decide what option to use. To use early cross hold L1 on Playstation 4 and you will perform that trick. You can also hold left trigger (LT or L2) of the controller but that is not technically a cross but you are in fact using a lobbed pass. Press the lob pass button and the ball will cross in desired direction. Hold the left stick for direction just before pressing cross button, just before kicking. Try letting go of left stick when releasing cross button and here you go!
You can also perform semi or assisted crossing that depend how long you hold the button and where the players are. With passing power assistance off all of your passes will go as far as you want them to go, regardless of where players are.

08When the player is close to goal they have less space and get power onto the ball as it is released to them. When crossing the ball from out you will have a better chance of adapting the header so you can react earlier. Look at which area the attacker is running and aim the way of the cross. If the player get to the space he will have a good chance of getting a header and make a score.
If you need it, here is our recommendation for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team coin generator that will help you to create ideal FIFA 15 team.
If the opponent is blocking consider turning back and use fake shot. You can then turn back again to re-take up your original position. If your players are well placed you can win the header against the defenders. Remember to hold double trigger so you can move anywhere you want to put your players in a better position.
So, when comes to crossing, it is all about right timing and coordination. You will need a little practice in order to become proficient with various gameplay styles and dominate FIFA 15.

Setup your village

6There are multiple ways how you can make setup for your village in Clash of Clans and it will affect every aspect of your game. Here are some basic setups that you may use:
Don’t forget Walls
It may sound obvious, but many players ignore walls!The walls are your best defense, and invest in building walls from beginning of a game. Upgrade them and you will have a solid defense base for your village setup. To get more from your village you can use clash of clans hack and cheats application to get more gems to spend.
Regular Village Setup
To create most basic village structure place your defensive structures and storages just behind walls. Other structures like Mines, Barracks and others buildings may be placed in front of the walls. This setup is basic and it is very week if opponent have army full of Giants. Giants may tear apart such base since only one wall will separate base from enemy.To maximize your defense, focus on upgrading Town Hall, then Storage buildings , Resource collectors and finally Mortars and X-bows.
4×4 Village Setup
To create 4×4 village type, place your Town Hall in the center of the village and surround every defensive building with 4×4 wall. This setup is much more effective against Giants, because you will be able to slow them down, and attack them before they destroy your structure. If opponent leads mixed army like combinations of Giants and Archers, this setup may not be successful. Giants will guard Archers, and they will cause significant damage to your buildings.
cleeThe Large Village Setup
The Large Village Setup is in fact variation of previous setup. In this case you will place more structures behind walls. That will grant you more defense and you will be able to resist even multiple attacks. Construct every one of your buildings near with each other. On this way you will create a solid foundation that will protect your Village. Do not forget that you can move buildings and rearrange it.
The Divided Village
This is one of most common setups that you will see in Clash of Clans. Basic concept is to group your defensive buildings in two large groups and place other important buildings like Town Hall between them. On that way your buildings will be protected in most cases. Weak spots of this setup are Giants, they can easily devastate your village made upon this pattern.
There are few other tips that may help you to protect your village. Good practice is to always have soldiers within your village and never send out your entire army to attack others player villages.


Instagram Popularity Growing Fast In 2015



The most amazing online service that gives people wants they have long waited to do, concerning photos and videos. It is always a beautiful experience to be able to share photos you love and videos, of which some could be own made, with your friends. Have in mind that it enables one to turn a photo into the shape and size that best serves you. Being lover of instagram,it is good news that you can be able to have free followers using software. The software for free instagram followers makes it possible to make you have a thousand plus followers. It enhances your fun in instagram and the whole social media which you have registered in.It raises the number of the audience you have and brings them nearby speech in video. For individuals who find life interesting when they have so many people in their world, having software that makes you get them for free in instagram is the thing. As others set unique plans for the kind of things they want to sought after, instagram lovers are advised to be on the know on software for free instagram followers 2015. It is installed through Facebook, twitter and social media links, which is an added advantage since you do not have to search for it for long. All that is required is network. This software keep instagram active and with a lot of subscribers. This software makes instagram unique in that, due to it, cases where by network failure affects a conversation between two people are not experienced. These softwares are analytical and are linked to the social media. They bring about effective views and followers reactions are faster brought to you. This software includes VINE. It gives you easy access to pictures that are moving and makes you have a clear look at zoomed images.

Instagram downloader,save-o-gram instagram downloader,pixsta,free instagram downloader and pixlr-o-matic are the kind of softwares to aim at if you intend to make your instagram rich with audience or rather followers.

Software is called the life ideas InstaCam.This opens room for one to makehis or her clips and photos.It allows you to include filters.

PicSay software enhances the beauty of your pictures through colour changing to that which soot you best and painting .It is through the softwares that you are able to send eye catchy photos, which eventually pulls a larger audience in instagram to you, leading to your followers rise.

The software makes it easy to upload pictures to instagram as fast as you have captured the picture or once you are done editing it. You will only have a good following if you have high quality and highly creative pictures. Something that will make your audience wonders how exactly you took that picture.

Instagram is a wonderful and fast growing social site that is known worldwide. The fact that it enables us to share photos and information so fast defines the new media. The future is with instagram.

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