Why Playstation 4 is better then Xbox One

Play Station four was highly anticipated by user until it was released and it sure did not disappoint with all it has to offer. The world of gaming consoles is extremely competitive lead by Microsoft and Sony which are the main console manufactures in the world. They have been in an almost yearlong battle over the popularity of the play station 4 and Xbox one which were released last year. If the grading of who is better was based on sales then PS4 has won as more than 10 million consoles have sold worldwide while Xbox one is trailing with a mare 5 million despite the reduced prices.

Improved features

  • If you are not familiar with Playstation Network Codes, its an virtual currency that offers you a quick way to buy games and other stuff of PSN. Although it’s not an official feature, there is a new free psn code generator that allows you to get Playstation Codes in a friendly giveaway.• The new PS4 feature a larger storage space that is 500 GB bigger catering for all your storage needs.• It feature killer graphics that will make gaming almost seem like real life with the clear picture provided by this console.• The play station offers a new controller that features 3D cameras at the back to help recognize the user and their preferred settings and offers a touch screen.

    • Faster processer speeds are offered by this console, eliminating any hang ups during your games.

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Upcoming iOS Games in 2015

The iPhone is a very popular type of smartphone that is used today. The latest of them, the iPhone 6 has the computing power and technical ability to play various realistic iPhone games. These games are so much fun and are full of rewards. One of these is Angry Birds Star Wars II. Created by Rovio, this game takes the Star Wars theme and incorporates it into the Angry Birds game. The game has new ideas and designs. It features levels that branch out in many ways and dedicated character packs. In addition to that, the game allows you to play as the enemy pigs in the Angry Birds games. It is a nice and engaging game for the iPhone.

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