Citizens of Earth Review

Welcome to the Citizens of Earth, a game that puts you in shoes of Vice President of the entire Earth. Citizens of Earth is a must buy for any fan of RPGs. It is a game that will make you smile! Make your life easier with free psn code generator, grab a game and let’s fun begin.

Whole game, from the world design to the battle animation is picked up straight from the ‘90s cult classic games. Turn-based combat system requires cautious, strategic choices that will give many hours of fun for nostalgic RPG fans. There are tons of characters in a game and each of them requires a short quest to convince them to join your party. Each recruit has special skills. For example, delivery man allows you to order items from anywhere, mascot can change the difficulty level on the fly and the homeless man can dig in various places. Followers don’t have typical fantasy RPG class types either; each attack or special move is a interesting twist on genre standards. This is a pleasant game about the newly elected Vice President of Earth fighting against the evil, on the streets and underground lairs of Crystal City.

The game employs a slow and steady turn based combat system very similar to Final Fantasy games. Characters use specific attacks to build up energy, and then to perform other more powerful abilities. It is very basic system filled with interesting powers and huge selection of playable characters. High production values coupled with a surprisingly deep combat system will make genre fans joyful. You will visit cities and towns, search forests and beaches, talk to the numerous individuals while searching for new characters to add to your team. Earned experience is character bound, which mean it is not shared with another characters. If you decide to switch a character you will need to grind for additional XP boost or send a character to school. where you can pay for classes to level them up.

Enemies d appear on the map randomly, but you can decide to avoid them or fight. The quests are most of the time very fun and whole game will give you around 40 hour of total playtime. Most of the game’s enjoyment comes from the battles or the funny dialogue implemented in the game.

Citizens of Earth surely succeed in reviving ingenuity of 1990s RPGs in playful style. It as a perfect of blend of old-school RPG and contemporary satire and builds a fun story with a memorable cast of characters.

Goblins – the perfect thieves

The Goblins are perfect thieves in Clash of Clans completely designed for farming, so if you are about farming it is important to understand few tips and tricks to maximize the power of your Goblins.

Goblins are great units! Yeap! Goblins are great units. They are very fast, they deal high damage, their preferred target is resources. They deal double damage to Elixir Collectors, Dark Elixir Storages and Gold Mines. The summary is that Goblins are perfect units for farming! If you found that this farming is not enough, or not fast enough, you may always try some clash of clans hack – cheats available on a net.

The Goblin is the only unit in Clash of Clans which explicitly targets enemy’s resources and they will go for the closest collector, mine or storage structure and destroy them. In the early stages of the game Goblins are very weak. After few upgrades they gain significant strength and huge boost when upgraded from level 4 to 5 and from 5 to 6.

There are two types of farming that you can use the Goblin for .You an farm Elixir and Gold or farm storages. The easiest way to use the Goblin is to farm Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors, and Dark Elixir. When you find a suitable base, just drop about 5-10 Goblins on each Elixir Collector, Gold Mine and Drill. Just collect your loot and move on to the next battle.As we said the main issue is that Goblins do not have much health and may be easily killed by enemy Defensive structures like Mortars or Wizard Towers. To prevent that, use a distracting unit. You can also use Wall Breakers to take down walls to help the Goblins get access to the resources.

Goblins can take down a walls if they are supported by a Healing Spell because they have very high damage output. At the same time, Goblins are defenseless against Wizard Tower or Mortars.When you reach of the Dark Elixir Storage your Goblins will target the walls. Once the wall is unprotected use a Rage Spell and Healing Spell upon your Goblins. The Healing Spell and Rage Spell are Goblins best friends.

From other side, Goblins do not make a perfect Clan Castle unit, so the best practice is to keep your Goblins far away from your Clan Castle. Also do not donate your Goblins to your Clan Members!

Successful Crossing in FIFA 15

In FIFA 15 crossing is much harder than it was in previous versions of the game. In new version of the game, specifically with a good attacker, you will be able to score much more from crossing than ever before.


Basically you have three options how to cross in FIFA 15. Options are near post, far post and high-low post. There are specific situations when you must decide what option to use. To use early cross hold L1 on Playstation 4 and you will perform that trick. You can also hold left trigger (LT or L2) of the controller but that is not technically a cross but you are in fact using a lobbed pass. Press the lob pass button and the ball will cross in desired direction. Hold the left stick for direction just before pressing cross button, just before kicking. Try letting go of left stick when releasing cross button and here you go!
You can also perform semi or assisted crossing that depend how long you hold the button and where the players are. With passing power assistance off all of your passes will go as far as you want them to go, regardless of where players are.

08When the player is close to goal they have less space and get power onto the ball as it is released to them. When crossing the ball from out you will have a better chance of adapting the header so you can react earlier. Look at which area the attacker is running and aim the way of the cross. If the player get to the space he will have a good chance of getting a header and make a score.
If you need it, here is our recommendation for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team coin generator that will help you to create ideal FIFA 15 team.
If the opponent is blocking consider turning back and use fake shot. You can then turn back again to re-take up your original position. If your players are well placed you can win the header against the defenders. Remember to hold double trigger so you can move anywhere you want to put your players in a better position.
So, when comes to crossing, it is all about right timing and coordination. You will need a little practice in order to become proficient with various gameplay styles and dominate FIFA 15.

Setup your village

6There are multiple ways how you can make setup for your village in Clash of Clans and it will affect every aspect of your game. Here are some basic setups that you may use:
Don’t forget Walls
It may sound obvious, but many players ignore walls!The walls are your best defense, and invest in building walls from beginning of a game. Upgrade them and you will have a solid defense base for your village setup. To get more from your village you can use clash of clans hack and cheats application to get more gems to spend.
Regular Village Setup
To create most basic village structure place your defensive structures and storages just behind walls. Other structures like Mines, Barracks and others buildings may be placed in front of the walls. This setup is basic and it is very week if opponent have army full of Giants. Giants may tear apart such base since only one wall will separate base from enemy.To maximize your defense, focus on upgrading Town Hall, then Storage buildings , Resource collectors and finally Mortars and X-bows.
4×4 Village Setup
To create 4×4 village type, place your Town Hall in the center of the village and surround every defensive building with 4×4 wall. This setup is much more effective against Giants, because you will be able to slow them down, and attack them before they destroy your structure. If opponent leads mixed army like combinations of Giants and Archers, this setup may not be successful. Giants will guard Archers, and they will cause significant damage to your buildings.
cleeThe Large Village Setup
The Large Village Setup is in fact variation of previous setup. In this case you will place more structures behind walls. That will grant you more defense and you will be able to resist even multiple attacks. Construct every one of your buildings near with each other. On this way you will create a solid foundation that will protect your Village. Do not forget that you can move buildings and rearrange it.
The Divided Village
This is one of most common setups that you will see in Clash of Clans. Basic concept is to group your defensive buildings in two large groups and place other important buildings like Town Hall between them. On that way your buildings will be protected in most cases. Weak spots of this setup are Giants, they can easily devastate your village made upon this pattern.
There are few other tips that may help you to protect your village. Good practice is to always have soldiers within your village and never send out your entire army to attack others player villages.


Instagram Popularity Growing Fast In 2015



The most amazing online service that gives people wants they have long waited to do, concerning photos and videos. It is always a beautiful experience to be able to share photos you love and videos, of which some could be own made, with your friends. Have in mind that it enables one to turn a photo into the shape and size that best serves you. Being lover of instagram,it is good news that you can be able to have free followers using software. The software for free instagram followers makes it possible to make you have a thousand plus followers. It enhances your fun in instagram and the whole social media which you have registered in.It raises the number of the audience you have and brings them nearby speech in video. For individuals who find life interesting when they have so many people in their world, having software that makes you get them for free in instagram is the thing. As others set unique plans for the kind of things they want to sought after, instagram lovers are advised to be on the know on software for free instagram followers 2015. It is installed through Facebook, twitter and social media links, which is an added advantage since you do not have to search for it for long. All that is required is network. This software keep instagram active and with a lot of subscribers. This software makes instagram unique in that, due to it, cases where by network failure affects a conversation between two people are not experienced. These softwares are analytical and are linked to the social media. They bring about effective views and followers reactions are faster brought to you. This software includes VINE. It gives you easy access to pictures that are moving and makes you have a clear look at zoomed images.

Instagram downloader,save-o-gram instagram downloader,pixsta,free instagram downloader and pixlr-o-matic are the kind of softwares to aim at if you intend to make your instagram rich with audience or rather followers.

Software is called the life ideas InstaCam.This opens room for one to makehis or her clips and photos.It allows you to include filters.

PicSay software enhances the beauty of your pictures through colour changing to that which soot you best and painting .It is through the softwares that you are able to send eye catchy photos, which eventually pulls a larger audience in instagram to you, leading to your followers rise.

The software makes it easy to upload pictures to instagram as fast as you have captured the picture or once you are done editing it. You will only have a good following if you have high quality and highly creative pictures. Something that will make your audience wonders how exactly you took that picture.

Instagram is a wonderful and fast growing social site that is known worldwide. The fact that it enables us to share photos and information so fast defines the new media. The future is with instagram.


Why Playstation 4 is better then Xbox One

Play Station four was highly anticipated by user until it was released and it sure did not disappoint with all it has to offer. The world of gaming consoles is extremely competitive lead by Microsoft and Sony which are the main console manufactures in the world. They have been in an almost yearlong battle over the popularity of the play station 4 and Xbox one which were released last year. If the grading of who is better was based on sales then PS4 has won as more than 10 million consoles have sold worldwide while Xbox one is trailing with a mare 5 million despite the reduced prices.

Improved features

  • If you are not familiar with Playstation Network Codes, its an virtual currency that offers you a quick way to buy games and other stuff of PSN. Although it’s not an official feature, there is a new free psn code generator that allows you to get Playstation Codes in a friendly giveaway.• The new PS4 feature a larger storage space that is 500 GB bigger catering for all your storage needs.• It feature killer graphics that will make gaming almost seem like real life with the clear picture provided by this console.• The play station offers a new controller that features 3D cameras at the back to help recognize the user and their preferred settings and offers a touch screen.

    • Faster processer speeds are offered by this console, eliminating any hang ups during your games.

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Upcoming iOS Games in 2015

The iPhone is a very popular type of smartphone that is used today. The latest of them, the iPhone 6 has the computing power and technical ability to play various realistic iPhone games. These games are so much fun and are full of rewards. One of these is Angry Birds Star Wars II. Created by Rovio, this game takes the Star Wars theme and incorporates it into the Angry Birds game. The game has new ideas and designs. It features levels that branch out in many ways and dedicated character packs. In addition to that, the game allows you to play as the enemy pigs in the Angry Birds games. It is a nice and engaging game for the iPhone.

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